The History of Twin Bayous – Are You There?

Raquel had managed to sneak away from her family’s annual Spooky Day party and she was now gliding along silently through the deserted streets of the town of Twin Bayous.

Her destination was the Clemens Valley Farm on the far south side of town. With virtually everyone in town in attendance at her party, Raquel felt confident that her current mission was guaranteed to be hidden from others.

Her specific target was the small graveyard where the remains of her late mother, Morgan, was buried alongside her mother’s lover, Mark Clemens.

Raquel mission on this night, the evening of Spooky Day, was to perform a resurrection ritual on her mother’s grave. For it was that Raquel had an important question that she needed to ask of her departed parent.

After only a few minutes into the ritual, Raquel began notice a positive indication that her efforts were succeeding. A bluish haze of light began to emanate from the ground where her mother’s remain were laid.

Soon from that bluish haze of light, a human form began to take shape.

Raquel now stood face to face with her mother’s simulacrum raised from the dead.

Unsure if her mother’s raised form was capable of speech, Raquel used her telepathic powers to converse in silence. She posed her question to her mother, but she received no answer.

Shortly a zombified Morgan LeFey began to wander away from her daughter.

Raquel called after her mother’s form to stop and come back.

Realizing that she had made a terrible mistake, Raquel pulled out her magickal wand and began to invoke a second set of commands directed at her mother.

The words that she now intoned were in the form of a curse that commanded her mother’s simulacrum to return to the grave where she had been buried.

So all was back to the way it been and as Raquel left the scene to return to the plantation, a cold rain began to fall.


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