The History of Twin Bayous – Tell Me What You Really, Really Want

On the night that Raquel Goombah held her Spooky Day Party at the Dutranoit Plantation, not everyone in town attended as Raquel had believed. There were at least two people who were “no show”. One of those two people was Jamie Stoney.

The other person who did not attend Raquel’s party was the nonagenarian, Gregg Gentille.

For it was on the night Spooky Day that the thirty-something Jamie Stoney was married to the 91-year-old Gregg Gentille in a secret ceremony at Saint Looie Cathedral. Now on the morning after, Jamie was headed from her home over to the cramped house in Eastdale where her newly wedded husband insisted on staying.

Gregg was very senile and insisted on staying in his tiny home in Eastdale. The original plan was that his daughter Donna should inherit the tiny suburban house in Eastdale that she grew up in, but Gregg recently changed his will leaving everything to his new bride, Jamie.
In his advanced age, Gregg Gentille spent much of his time napping in his bed.

When Jamie arrived at the house in Eastdale, her husband was fast asleep.

However, Jamie came to the house this morning not for the purpose of seeing her husband. Her purpose this day was to search for something that she knew was of great value. So valuable that she knew without being told that her husband had hidden it.

On a desk in the kitchen was a personal computer and Jamie knew that it was the only computer in the house and that it was on this device that Gregg kept inventory of his book collection for both his private stock and for his bookstore on Main Street.

Jamie had no difficulty getting past the flimsy security on the antique computer. Gregg’s password was simple to guess. It was his deceased wife’s first name – Vicki.

Jamie did not find what she was looking for specifically by name, but she did learn that Gregg kept all of his rarest and most valuable books in the bookcase that stood by the fireplace in the front room.

Jamie went to the bookcase and as she observed its contents, it did not make any sense to her that this was the place where Mister Gentille kept anything of value. From what she could see the shelves of bookcase contained several volumes of outdated encyclopedias and all of them were no more than 30 years old.

But then something caught Jamie’s eye. On the middle shelf there was one book that appeared to be fake and she immediately got the idea that this fake book was some sort of lever that would open the bookcase into a hidden room behind the case. Jamie attempted to operate the lever, but it was stuck and would not budge. Jamie cursed loudly and when she did she heard a noise coming from behind her.

Jamie turned around and she saw that her husband had come into the room and was standing just inches behind her. At first, Jamie was startled, but when she realized it was only her elderly husband, she said, “Oh, it’s you! What you are doing here?”


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