The History of Twin Bayous – Who the hell are you?

On the morning after Jamie Stoney was secretly wed to the elderly book dealer, Gregg Gentille, Jamie had come to Gregg’s tiny house in Eastdale for the purpose of searching for something very valuable that she believed her newly wedded husband had hidden in the house.

While she searched for the object, she detected that the bookcase in the front room contained a secret lever that Jamie believed would cause the bookcase to open to room hidden behind the case, but when she tried to pull the lever she found it to be stuck.

As she was trying to open the bookcase, her husband Gregg had come into the room and startled Jamie. When Jamie saw it was only Gregg, she was relieved and she said to her husband: “Oh, it’s you! What you are doing here?”

Yet something was not right with Gregg and he looked upon his young wife as if he were staring down a stranger. Gregg shook his cane at Jamie and he starts shouting: “Who the hell are you! What are you doing in my house! You’re not stealing my books! You won’t get away with it!”

Jamie tried to humor her husband, but this did not change things as Gregg then pulled out a gun.

Not noticing that Gregg held a gun in his right hand…

…but deciding to avoid a confrontation with her elderly husband, Jamie started to walk out of the room.

Just as Jamie reached the front hallway, Gregg raised his gun and fired, hitting Jamie with a fatal bullet just as she reached the front hallway.

Inside the small house, the sound of the pistol firing was deafening. Gregg had been sleep-walking and the loud bang awoke him from his slumber.

At first, he thought he was having a dream, but when he saw the Grim Reaper appear in the room, he knew that he was wide-awake.

Yet Gregg’s reaction was not that he had just killed his wife, but that he needed to hide her body.


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