The History of Twin Bayous – Wait For Me

Moments ago, Gregg Gentille had fatally shot his bride after having mistaken her for a burglar. Now he watched as the Grim Reaper arrived to claim Jamie’s immortal soul.

Gregg Gentille was now wide awaken and fully aware that he had just murdered his wife. He turned to the bookcase and struggled with the lever disguised as a book; trying desperately to get the bookcase to open.

Finally, the bookcase sprung open, revealing a hidden room between the carport and the utility room.

Gregg brought Jamie’s remains inside the hidden room. It was then that he finally realized the full extent of what he had done.

He quickly looked around the room, taking a mental inventory of his recently acquired valuables. Enshrined on a stand at the back of the room was the most valuable item of all – The Grimoire of Morgan LeFey. It was a book of charms, curses, and spells written and compiled by the late matron of Dutranoit plantation.

Back in the comfort of his front parlor, Gregg held the gun in his right hand. He contemplated his next step, but inside he felt as though he was frozen and could not move.

Moments later Gregg Gentille collapsed to the floor, clutching his chest.

That night, the Grim Reaper made a second trip to #8 Cedar Lane.

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