The History of Twin Bayous – This is a Crime Scene Now

Tabitha Gentille was flipping out. She was sick and tired of “this damn town and everyone in it”. Dominic Stoney had come to see her husband, Chad and when Tabitha saw them talking in the hallway, she went up to them and started yelling at Mr. Stoney.

Although Tabitha had nothing personally against the father of Jamie Gentille, she had just come to hate everything and everyone in Twin Bayous and now she decided to take it out on Dominic Stoney.

Dominic had come to see Chad this morning because he was concerned about his daughter, Jamie. He and his wife, Ronnie, had not heard from their daughter for a number of days. Dominic had gone that morning to the home of Chad’s father, Gregg, to look for his daughter, but there was no answer at the house. Chad Gentille bristled at the mention of his father and Jamie Stoney.

Following a very tense discussion, Dominic convinced Chad to go with him to Chad’s father’s house in Eastdale.

The pair drove across town in Dominic’s car.

When then arrived at the house, Chad Gentille let Dominic Stoney inside the house, but Chad remained outside as he sensed that something was not right within.

Inside the house, Dominic Stoney made a shocking discovery. He found the remains of Gregg Gentille and they had obviously been there for a number of days.

Dominic called for Sheriff Clemens and then he waited patiently for the sheriff to arrive.

However, instead of Sheriff Sawyer Clemens, his son Huckleberry showed up at the house.

Dominic asked Huckleberry to go home and send for his father to come quickly. Huck told Mr. Stoney that his father was on his way and would arrive soon.

Huckleberry rode off on his bike.

Yet, he did not go far and went around the block to an empty house with a view of the Gentille’s house on Cedar Lane.

Then he walked back to the house and hid behind a tree where he could watch the activity at the crime scene.

Sheriff Sawyer Clemens was at the Brewed Awakenings Java Hut when Chad Gentille finally got in touch with him.

Chad informed Sawyer that he and Dominic Stoney had found Chad’s father, Gregg dead in the front room of the old man’s house and that Mr. Gentille had a gun shot wound in his chest. There was no sign of Jamie Stoney. Chad added in a low whisper that he suspected Jamie as being the killer of his father.

Sawyer went down the street to his office and changed into a suit… preparing to go to work.

That night, Sawyer went to the Gentille house in Eastdale.

He performed a search of the house and collected evidence from the crime scene.

He then left the house and ordered it locked and sealed. This was in November of 1942.

Thus began the investigation of a baffling case that would occupy the efforts of not only of Sheriff Sawyer Clemens but of others also.

Sawyer Clemens now spent many a late evening at the Sheriff’s station working a case that would almost consume him.


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