The History Twin Bayous – Feeling Cheated

The year was now 1947 and five years had passed since Gregg Gentille was found dead in his home with a gunshot wound to his chest.

Sawyer Clemens had been sheriff of Twin Bayous now for the past seven years and despite a brief honeymoon the first couple of years in office, his relationship with the community had soured over time as the case involving the death of Gregg Gentille and the disappearance of Jamie Stoney had grown cold.

Within his first year in office, he had become a shining star when he single-handedly broke the back of the Goombah crime family. Victor Goombah died during the lengthy trial, his son Anthony was acquitted of all charges, and Victor’s wife, Tracie (Viernes) Goombah, was sent to prison for five years for extortion and blackmail.

However, that was a long time ago and now even his own parents held him in contempt.

Ever since Mark Clemens had lost the farm in a game of poker, Jack and Donna lived in a rundown little house in Eastdale.

Though she was nearly 65 years old, Donna Clemens continued to work at the hospital. For her, it was a double whammy as he father’s estate was in limbo as long as Jamie Stoney was missing.

The Stoney/Ringwald family was not happy. They felt that Sawyer was not doing enough to locate Jamie Stoney. Every time she saw her niece’s husband, Xena Viernes would corner Sawyer let him know how she felt that he was doing a terrible job.

Every six months or so, Sawyer would get a call from Lance Gentille, a son of Chad & Tabitha Gentille. Lance would ask Sawyer to meet him out at Lance’s grandfather’s house and Lance would insist that Sawyer look the house over to see if anything had been missed in terms of evidence.

They would always wind up in a shouting match.

It seems the only person in town, besides his wife and kids, who liked Sawyer was is his aunt Janny.

In the summer of 1947, after serving four years in prison, Tracie (Viernes/Poindexter) Goombah was released on good behavior.

In the comfort of her daughter’s home, Tracie celebrated her 65th birthday.


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