The History of Twin Bayous – Now it is her turn…

In the evening, after work, Rochelle Clemens liked to relax in her room and read books about business.

Her son Huckleberry, now a teen, had acquired the Computer Whiz trait and he began spending most of the time in the evenings in his room hacking on his computer. His traits were now Great Kisser, Eccentric, Artistic, and Computer Whiz. He was also a Nerd.

Whenever Huck did take a break from hacking, he liked to play with his little brother Charles…

But on a particular evening around Snowflake Day, Huckleberry was going to finally get out of the house.

His little sister, Carina insisted that she tag along as Huckleberry went to the town square to attend an acquaintance’s birthday party.

It was supposed to be a birthday party for Sheena Goombah, but as her older sister Christi explained, there was not going to be a party as Sheena was much too shy and embarrassed to attend the party.

Huckleberry thought that Sheena’s excuse for not attending her own party was nonsense, so he ran across the street to the Old Creole Townhouse to let her know what he thought.

Sheena looked much different than she did when Huck met her a few days earlier at his birthday party. Her traits were now Loner, Neurotic, Clumsy, and Artistic.

Sheena told Huck that she was not shy; it was just that she did not like crowds.

So, Huck asked her if she would instead like to go out to eat for her birthday and Sheena said that she thought that would be nice.

They then went across the town square to the Little Corsican Bistro and there just the two of them had dinner.


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