The History Twin Bayous – Did Not Mean All That

Huck sat at the counter in his family’s kitchen. He could not bring himself to eat the breakfast his mother had made for him. He felt sick to his stomach. How could he face everyone at school after the stupid thing that he had done?

Yet his mother would not allow him to miss a day of school and she forced him out of the door and on his way to the school bus.

On the school bus, Huckleberry kept to himself. He could not stop thinking about the stupid thing that he had done.

However, Huckleberry did not exactly go to school. When the bus got to the school, Huck ducked into a taxi and had the driver take him to the town square.

For a while, Huck sat quietly on a bench in the town square. He was thinking of two things… the stupid thing that he did the day before and now what he was going to do about it.

He sat there the entire day until it was sunset. He watched and waited and when he saw that Mister Goombah was leaving the house to go to work at the criminal warehouse, Huck jumped up and ran across the street.

His plan was steal something from the mailbox in front of the Old Creole Townhouse. He stood there nonchalantly while Mr. Goombah hoped on his bicycle and rode off.

However, Huckleberry’s plan was suddenly thwarted by the noise of the front door opening and children of the house coming outside.

Huckleberry ran off and around the corner. Standing just a few yards away, he watched as Sheena Goombah, her sister, and brother came out to the sidewalk. He froze in horror as he saw Sheena approach the mailbox.

He ducked back around the corner, but then after a few moments he heard the sound a young girl’s taunting laughter.

He could not hear very well what was being said, but he knew that Sheena and her sister, Christi were laughing about a letter that Sheena held in her hand. It was the note that Huckleberry had mailed to her the day before.

Embarrassed, Huckleberry ran off down the street, but he ceased running in front of the sheriff’s station when he heard a girl’s voice shouting for him to stop.

He stood there frozen in fear as Sheena Goombah caught up with him and asked him about his day. At first, Huckleberry was quite defensive with the sound of Sheena and Christi’s laughter still ringing in his ears.

Sheena then apologized for laughing at the note, telling him that she thought it was a very sweet thing to write.

Sheena then asked Huckleberry to go across the street with her to the newly opened bowling alley. She said that she felt like playing a game of pool.

Therefore, Sheena and Huckleberry went on what was to be the first of many dates and for this, they could thank the ghost of Sheena’s great-grandmother for tricking Huckleberry into writing a love note to Sheena.


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