The History Twin Bayous – Is This the End?

In the early spring of 1953, heavy rains were pounding the town of Twin Bayous.

For days, it rained…

…and it rained…

…and it rained…

Sharon Shalom was detecting that there was a disruption in the Source.

There was something seriously wrong and Sharon was not sure what to do about it.

She tried contacting her superiors at the Office of the Ministry of Legacies.

But there was far too much interference, preventing her from getting through to the other side.

She then decided that she needed to try a different tact.

All the while she could not help thinking that perhaps it was something that she had done that caused the problem.

Sharon then when into town and a paid a visit to one the town leaders of Twin Bayous.

She meet with Romero Goombah, the very corrupt mayor of the city.

As Sharon explained the situation to Mayor Goombah, she could sense that he was silently contemplating how he might take advantage of the situation.

Sharon felt that there was no time to waste and took off the gloves as she stressed to Mayor Goombah the seriousness of the situation. “We need to evacuate this city and we need to do it now!” she shouted.

Romero Goombah left Sharon standing in the foyer while he went into the other room and changed into his semi-official citywide emergency uniform.

When he came out of the room, he was shouting orders into his cell phone. Sharon could tell that the mayor was shouting at Sheriff Clemens. She could also guess that it was not going over very well.

Sawyer Clemens had been having dinner at an upscale restaurant out in West Beach and now he was standing out on a sidewalk waiting on a car to take him back to the office in town.

This is not the way that he expected to start his weekend, being screamed at by the mayor that they needed to begin an immediate evacuation of the town.

But Sawyer did not go back to his office at the sheriff’s station, he asked instead to be taken up to Clemen’s Tower.

When he got to the top of the tower, it had stopped raining.

Sawyer looked out over the town that he grew up in and in the early morning hours it all look so peaceful. Sawyer could see no need for there to be an evacuation.

Yet only moments after he had that thought, a bright object appeared in the grey morning dawn.


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