Happy New Year!

As some of you may have guessed from the last episode of season 4, I have been experiencing a severe lag in the game.

The lagging actually started right after the gang of four came back from University (THOTB-3.14). I do not think there was any connection between their having travelled to university and the performance issues that I was experiencing.

After I tried of a number of different things (see NRaas Tips For Better Game Performance), the thing that initially cleared up the issue was to do a “Total Reset” of the NRaas Story Progression mod (this is under General Options).

Yet even then, the game was never the same as it was when I first started THOTB. Twice I did the trick of using the Nraas Porter Mod to move everyone out of the town and then move them in again. It was the second time I did that (after finishing season four), that I noticed a major gain in performance. What I did then was to start with a fresh Twin Bayous, instead of re-using the town that I had been playing in.

The main reason I do not like doing it this way, is that I lose a lot of the changes and additions that I have made over time to the city. I had added a number of new lots and I had to add some of those lots back into the fresh copy of Twin Bayous.

Back on Halloween, I posted about my plan then for season five. However, after trying it out I have decided against relocating the entire town to another town. I moved everyone to the world of Angel City by CoasterBoi, but that just did not make sense at all.

I do plan to take a break from THOTB for a little while, but I have already started working on the episodes for season 5. What I decided to do is change the perspective of the story a little.

So far, the story comprises 4 seasons and nearly 90 episodes that cover a period of about 60 years. It feels like things went by very fast in those 89 episodes. Perhaps a little too fast.

Now I want to slow things down, so in season five I have disabled aging.

In addition, I want to look at Twin Bayous from the perspective of an outsider. Therefore, I have introduced a new character.

He is a private detective inspired by other fictional detectives such as Sam Spade,  Philip Marlowe, Nick and Nora Charles, Shawn and Gus, and more recently the cartoon character Archer Sterling.

The story takes place in the early 1960’s, beginning in 1962, and 20 years after the death of Jamie Stoney.

The new character’s name is Dobbs James Dobbs and he is a thirty-something private detective living in a trailer in the desert east of Angel City.

He works for a security firm located in the Justin Case Insurance building in downtown Angel City. He takes whatever cases he is assigned, but he is hoping for that one big case which will allow him to make a name for himself.

He likes his martinis dry – shaken, not stirred – and he has an eye for the ladies. His morals are such that he is broadminded when it comes to age and marital status.

He dislikes children especially when they exhibit a superior intellect.

Since May 2014, there have been a total of 292 posts, 11,201 views, and 5,870 visitors here at Simbolistic. Therefore, I am not going to give up on THOTB, I am just taking a break.

During the break, I have been playing with the Sims 4 Get Together EP. I do have fun with Sims 4, but for storytelling my preference is Sims 3.


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