Lots of Problems

Recently I ran into an issue with TS4 where when I went to save a lot to either my library or the community, it was saying that there was CC on the lot and it would not let me save it. The problem with that was I did not have any CC for buildings or lots. The only CC that I had was for Sims.

Well, wait now, I did at one time have some CC for lots, but I had deleted it. The lot CC I had was a recolor mod that made the world look like it was in the middle of winter. I had it installed for a few days and it was okay, but then I got rid of it. (Not because of any issue with the mod. It was just that “winter was over”).

It was not too long afterwards that I noticed that I could not save a lot without first ticking the box that confirms that lot has CC or is “modded”. I had to do this even though the lot did not contain any CC.

I realize that EA is protecting the community from harmful CC, but maybe their enforcement is a little too strong.

It appears that junk hangs around that confuses TS4 into thinking that you still have the old CC that you got rid of. Deleting cache files did not correct this problem.

What I discovered was the fix for this was to “reset” my Sims 4 folder.

To do that, I needed to move my Sims 4 folder ( Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 ) to the desktop (Cut-paste). Then I started the game, and a new “The Sims 4” folder was generated.

I then exited the game and then added back the “options.ini” file and the “Saves” , “Screenshots”, “Tray”, and “Custom Music ” folders to the new “The Sims 4” folder, replacing the new generated file/ folders with the old file/folders.

At this point, I did not put back my mods folder.

Then I went back into the game and upload my lots. This time the lots saved without my having to designate them as being modded.

I then went back added my mods folder.

Another thing to watch out for is if you do save a lot to the library with CC and then you cannot see the lot in the library, you need to check the “Include Custom Content” box in the My Library “Advanced” section. Which means that you want to see lots and households that contain CC in the listing display.

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