The History of Twin Bayous – The Visitor

Soon the sun rose once again on the sleepy little town of Twin Bayous.

In the early morning hours, before anyone in the house was up, a ghostly apparition made an appearance on the front lawn of the Dutranoy’s new home.

No one was around at that hour to witness this. No one that is except Miss Janny who was standing nearby. Miss Janny had told Mike yesterday that they were neighbors. Miss Janny had lived just up the street since the 1890’s when her parents and in-laws bought the house for her and her husband Ulysses.

When he woke, Mike went outside to collect the morning paper and instead found several large stones in the yard. He greeted Miss Janny, inviting her in to meet his mother, Dotty, and then excused himself to get ready for school.

David went to meet Yvette Ringwald. Yvette provided him with a logon and password to a cloud storage where she had put information regarding her employer, Michel Viernes. Viernes was the son of Xavier Viernes and Xena Ringwald Viernes and the current head of Ringwald Studios. She told Mr. Dutranoy that the documents that he would find would tell a story of greed and corruption.

David went back to the office and spent the afternoon going over a huge trove of letters and papers that he found on the cloud storage site.

Dave got his dinner from the roach coach parked outside. He had been told that they made best oyster po’boys in town.

When Mike went home after school, he was surprised to discover that Miss Janny was still at his house. She was busy playing a video game on the computer. She told Mike that Carina wanted him to meet her at the bowling alley after she finished work.

Some afternoons, Carina worked at the sheriff’s station to help her father out with paperwork.

Mike went to the bowling alley to wait for Carina to finish work. There he saw Maryann Ringwald again.

Maryann always looked so serious and Mike was curious to see if he could make her smile.

He told the girl a funny story and managed to make her laugh (sort of).

There was song playing on the jukebox that Maryann said that she liked and she asked Mike to dance with her. Carina never showed up and when it got too late, Mike went home.

When Mike got the house, he noticed that there were more stones lying in the yard.

He went straight to bed without realizing that out on the patio Miss Janny was sleeping on a recliner.

The next morning Mike went out to the patio and found Miss Janny along with yet another stone.

Miss Janny explained to Mike that she was looking for her niece Jamie to show up again.

Mike did not have a clue as to what Miss Janny was talking about. When he spoke with Carina later that day, he learned that Miss Janny no longer lived in his neighborhood. Miss Janny and her husband Ulysses now had a nice old house over on the shore in the Lighthouse District.

Mike completely forgot to ask Carina who the “Jamie” was that Miss Janny was waiting to show up again.


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