The History of Twin Bayous – A Secret Revealed

That night when Mike went back home, everyone else was asleep. Mike started to go to bed, but then he remembered something that he wanted to check on.

He remembered seeing the ghost going into the bookcase when she disappeared at daybreak that morning.

Mike went to the bookcase and examined it carefully. Looking very closely it did not take him long to discover the lever that caused the bookcase to slide open.

The opening revealed that there was a secret room hidden behind the bookcase.

The ghost of Jamie was hovering there inside waiting for him and she smugly asked him what took him so long to figure out where she was.

Then moving aside she motioned with her hand toward a large ornate book resting on a wooden stand. “Behold the Grimoire of Morgan LeFey,” she whispered with a dramatic flair which she followed by holding up both her hands and going “Oooooooo”

Jamie then told Mike that she was allowing him to find the book because he was an outsider. She made him swear to tell no one else. She cautioned him to especially beware of a woman named Raquel Goombah. She warned him that Raquel was a vampire witch who had been to known to take revenge on people who cross her. (See season two/episode VII)

She told him that he might have trouble reading the grimoire and that there were three other books hidden in the town library that would help him decipher the grimoire. She hinted that the books were “buried under a lot of things”.

Finally she explained that all of the stones and things that he had been finding out in the yard were things that came from the chest sitting next to door and that these items were ingredients that he would need for making potions. Jamie ended by asking Mike if there were any questions.


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