The History of Twin Bayous – Finders Keepers

Before school, the following morning, Mike went to the city library to look for the three books that Jamie had told him were hidden in there.

She had given him a clue as where the three books could be found. Telling that they were “buried under lots of stuff”. Mike spent as much time as he could looking for the books, but finally he had to leave and go to school.

It was as he was leaving that he realized where the books might be. As he started on his way to school he noticed that there was a gate on the side wall of the library building that was partially obscured by trees.

Mike started to approach the gate, but then he decided that it was best if he returned at a time of day when there was no one around who might see him sneaking inside the building.

After school, Mike and Carina planned to meet at City beach and go for a swim.

They sat on the beach to watch the sunset beyond the Gulf bridge, but when some old guy came and laid down in front of them…

…they decided to go into the water for a dip in the glow of the sunset.

When they came out of water it was a bit chilly and so they lit the fire pit and roasted some things.

Just as the couple was about to slip inside a sleeping bag and fool around, the old guy they had seen earlier came back on the beach. Carina addressed the man as Uncle Ulysses and asked him what was the matter.

The old man broke down and started crying. He said that he had just come from the hospital and where learned that his wife of over fifty years had died. Mike realized that the man was referring to Miss Janny.

Carina left immediately with the old man as the Clemens and Ringwald clans converged on the mausoleum to pay their respects to one of the town’s most beloved characters and one the few people in town who thought Sawyer Clemens was doing a great job as sheriff.

With practically the entire town at the city cemetery paying their respects to Miss Janny, Mike decided it might be a good time to pay a visit to the city library. So, he went there and slipping through the gate on the side he followed a series of stairways down three flights.

At the third and seemingly final level, Mike found an unusual arrangement of six throne-like chairs around a fire pit.

As there were no lights, nor candles in the room, Mike lit the fire pit and that is when he noticed there was a bookcase standing against the far wall. Examining the books in the case he found three books on subject of Alchemy whose titles were: Vol I: Book of the Shadows, Vol II: Secret Motions and Super Potions, and Vol III Omnimustericon: The Ultimate Book Of Shadows

Mike thought he would be clever and skip the first two volumes, but when he opened volume three he found that he could not read a single word as it appeared to be written in gibberish. He found it was the same with volume two. Finally he settled down to reading volume one as it was written in plain old Simlish.

After he finished reading volume one, he took a break and roasted some links over the fire.

Then after eating, found that he could now read volume two. Completing volume one must have unlocked something involving the second book.

Mike spent the entire night and part of the following day reading in the library basement. It was almost noon when he left the library. He decided to leave the books where he had found them as he feared that if he took them home, someone might discover the books and then he would be in trouble for stealing.

On his way home, he stopped by the cemetery to pay his respects to Miss Janny. He was overwhelmed with grief because she had been so nice to him.


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