The History of Twin Bayous – Once is Never Enough

When Mike arrived home that afternoon, his mother already knew that he had skipped school and she started yelling at him the minute that he walked into the kitchen.

Mike did his homework at the kitchen table and ignored his brother when he came into the room to work at the computer.

After dinner, Mike sneaked behind the bookcase and followed along from the instructions in the grimoire that he was now able to understand.

He made a potion called the vial of bliss. He drank it but he did not notice any change after downing the bottle of glowing pink liquid.

The next recipe called for mushrooms and Mike made a brief trip down the street to the Market Basket to buy a pint of mushrooms. Back behind the bookcase, Mike made a potion called “Flask of Sleep”.

As he had with the previous potion, he tried this new potion on himself and at first it made him a little dizzy.

Within seconds, Mike was sleeping on the job and he remained that way throughout Saturday until the sun rose the following day and it was Sunday morning.

Later that afternoon, Mike drove into town to meet Carina for another date.

He was meeting her for dinner and then they were to attend a major concert at the theater afterwards.

After the concert, the attendees gathered outside the concert to see and be seen. Donna Clemens, one of the matriarchs of Twin Bayous, was spotted outside.

Raquel Goombah, who was the main performer in the concert, stepped outside to allow her adoring fans to snap selfies with her.

As Mike walked out of the theater and as he passed Miss Raquel he had a sense that she appreciated Sims who take it upon themselves to learn a new craft and that she would like to get to know each other better.

Mike turned to greet Miss Raquel with a friendly introduction.

They chatted briefly about each other’s days until Mike saw Carina step outside the theater.

As Mike walked away from Miss Raquel, he had this really creepy sense that Raquel was trying to read his mind.

The next day Mike skipped school and instead went outside to collect things to make more potions. He found some light beetles in the garden behind his house.

He then went and hid in the little room behind the bookcase. He wanted to try to make a third elixir, one in which the recipe called for mandrake root and a fish.

However, there was an accident.

The elixir exploded and Mike was turned into a toad.

Horrified Mike ran from the house and drove out into the country.

He needed a place to hide and chose Gillis Pond, a place covered by tall grass and old oak trees covered in Spanish moss.

To bide his time he fished in the pond while he tried to figure out what he was going to do.

A little after dark Mike’s cell phone rang.

It was Carina calling. She wanted to know why he had not been in school that day. She asked him where he was and what he was doing. It sounded like he was somewhere outside.

At first he pretended that nothing had happened, but then when she started to sound suspicious, Mike decided he did not want to make her mad. He confessed that had had an accident. He told her where he was hiding and while he waited for her to show he lit a fire and roasted that fish that he had caught.

Carina showed up and she laughed at him. Mike then confessed to her everything….

“There are two secrets I want to tell you, ” He started and then added, “Do you promise to keep my secrets.”

“I guess it all depends on what the secrets are,” She responded with a smile.

Mike then proceeded to tell Carina everything about meeting the ghost of her Aunt Jamie and how the ghost had led him to the discovery of where Morgan LeFey’s Grimoire was hidden. He then told Carina that he loved her and he asked her to please help him. Carina told Mike that she would keep his secrets.

Carina then told Mike a story that her grandma Donna told had her years ago. It was a story of how Raquel LeFey had turned two kids into toads and how she tried to remove the spell with a kiss, but that it did not work. Grandma Donna hated Raquel and she always told the story with an air of disdain in her voice.

So Carina tried kissing Mike to remove the Toadification spell, but unfortunately nothing happened.

Mike begged her try again and he got down on one knee and promised to marry her.

Carina responded by saying let’s not get carried away. Then she kissed him a second time.

It seems that in some cases, a second time is a charm for in a flash the magical spell was broken and Mike was returned to a normal boy.


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