The History of Twins Bayous – A Sense of Purpose

After leaving Gillis Pond, Mike went home and found Jamie’s ghost looking for food in the fridge.

He told the ghost all about what had happened… about meeting Raquel, being turned into a toad, and how he had told Carina everything.

Mike told her he was having a change of heart about being the chosen one and said that he wanted to turn the grimoire over to Raquel.

Jamie was aghast. “You foolish boy! Don’t you realize what you are saying? If you give Raquel the grimoire, she will destroy you. Once you have started on the path, you cannot stop. You cannot go back,” she shrieked at Mike.

Mike could see that Jamie was very angry with him. “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” she told him, “You must understand that there is a curse on the grimoire and if Raquel finds out she will destroy you.”

“Let’s hope that you haven’t made a mistake in telling Carina about this. You and she both have the unstable trait. At any time, she may change and turn against you. You will have to keep a close eye on her,” Jamie grimly intoned.

Mike went to bed with a sense dread filling his soul. He hoped that he had not made a mistake by telling Carina the things that he told her.

Yet, he woke up in the middle of the night with a new found sense of purpose.

He went to the little room behind the bookcase and made another potion. This time it was one called Melancholy Serum.

At daybreak, he went out looking for someone to try out the potion on.

He went to the university quad and found a likely victim. He called the woman over and then he freaked out when he realized that the woman was Mrs. Clemens, Carina’s mom.

Rochelle asked the young man what was in the bottle. He replied that it is his medicine he was talking for a cold and to prove it he drank the contents of the bottle in front of his girlfriend’s mother.

Now feeling rather sad, he introduced himself and announced his intention to marry Carina. Rochelle smiled at the young man and then said that she hoped that he got well soon.

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