The History Twin Bayous – A Very Rainy Day and a Contentious Woman

The next day, Sunday, it rained all day.

Mike spent the day in the basement of the city library reading volume three of alchemy books.

As he went home that evening, it was still raining heavily.

Within a few minutes, after he got home something very strange happened.

An unidentified object appeared in the skies above Twin Bayous.

The strange object sent down an eerie bluish ray. And with almost no effort at all, Mike was pulled up…

..and up and into the bizarre hovering object.

He was taken to a futuristic looking place…

…and entered a library where he read a book titled “The History of Twin Bayous”

Was it real or was it a dream?

Mike had dinner while he was in this strange place.

Then suddenly he was in the Sports Book Bar having dinner with Carina.

What was going on?

Mike went home. He could not sleep so he went into the room behind the bookcase to make another potion. He made a potion called Vampiric Sunscreen.

He knew that he could only use this on a vampire. He was not sure as to what to do so he called on Jamie to ask the ghost what to do.

Once more, she told him that he must avoid Raquel LeFey. She suggested instead that he visit his next-door neighbor.

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