The History of Twin Bayous – Strange Bedfellows

Up until now Mike’s life had become strange, but it was now about to get even stranger.

Mike had made a batch of Vampiric Sunscreen, a potion that could only be used on a vampire. He was not sure what to do with the potion, as he most certainly could not use the potion on Raquel or her father Anton. Then the ghost of Jamie suggested that he give the potion as a gift to his next-door neighbor.

Mike learned that living right next door was Raquel Lefey’s estranged daughter, Ursula in what was literally the last house in Twin Bayous.

Ursula who lived alone with her toddler daughter in the darkened house was grateful to Mike for showing kindness to her.

Mike presented Ursula with the gift of Vampiric Sunscreen, which allowed her to now travel outside her house during the day and to get a job selling comic books at the bookstore.

The next day Mike Dutranoy received a specially engraved invitation personally signed by Raquel LeFey to the Annual Spooky Day party at the Dutranoit Plantation.

Every year, for nearly a hundred years now, the LeFey family of Twin Bayous had held a Spooky Day Party and every year they had invited the entire town to attend.

And every year most of the people Twin Bayous said they would not attend the celebration, but most of them wound up going any way.

This year was no different and quite a few people did show up for the party. Including even Donna Clemens who held a long standing grudge against Raquel LeFey over something that happened fifty plus years earlier.

Sawyer and Rochelle Clemens were there.

So was Raquel’s niece, Tina LeFey…

Sawyer and Rochelle’s son, Huckleberry Clemens…

And Raquel’s granddaughter, Sheena Goombah…

When Mike Dutranoy arrived, the party was in full swing and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Mike was looking all around, but had not yet found Carina.

And then all of a sudden something very strange and unexpected happen. Carina’s father, Sheriff Clemens was standing outside on the portico and called for Mike to come outside and speak with him.

When Mike stepped outside, he was told that he was under arrest and he was being charged with having had “unlawful carnal knowledge of a minor”. That minor being Sawyer’s daughter, Carina Clemens. There was a cop car parked out on the road with lights flashing and everything, waiting to take him off to jail. At first, Mike thought that Carina’s dad was just messing with him, but no one was laughing.

Mike did not realize it at the time, but he had been set up by an arrangement made between Raquel LeFey and Carina’s grandfather, Dominick Stoney.

Mike was taken downtown and booked into the parish jail.

The following morning Carina was informed by her father that she was to leave immediately for Monte Vista, Italy where she was to attend a culinary school that had been founded by her great-grandmother, Julia.

Rochelle tried to tell her daughter that all of this was for her own good, but Carina was not buying anything that her parents were trying to sell her.

Tearfully, Carina was made to leave Twin Bayous…

…and go off to a culinary school in Monte Vista…

…without even having the chance to say goodbye to Mike. And as for Mike, no one seemed to know or care that he was in jail because Raquel had cast one of those spells on the party like her mother used to do where everyone would only remember the good time that they had at the party. Anything bad that happened would be forgotten.


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