The History of Twin Bayous – A Bitter Pill

In the late winter of 1961, Mike Dutranoy had been in jail for a few years now.

While he was in jail he kept to himself, but he did occasionally keep in touch with Carina by texting and sending her letters.

Mike stayed busy by reading and studying. He got his GED, but he felt cheated and he was bitter towards the townsfolk of Twin Bayous.

He was finally released on his 21st birthday.

When he got out, Mike moved his stuff out of his parent’s house and into an apartment. The apartment was on the second floor above a barroom on Bayou Road across the street from the Bowl-a-Rama.

In addition, to the apartment, Mike rented a basement beneath the detached garage.

It was in the basement, that Mike kept hidden the Grimoire of Morgan Lefey and his collection of potion collectibles.

Mike had not seen the ghost of Jamie Stoney since before he was arrested and thrown into jail. He went back to his studies in the basement of the library.

He continued to keep in touch with Carina by texting her.

But he was not all together “there”. Since getting out of jail, he had developed a fear of being confined again. Occasionally he would sleep out of doors. One of his favorite spots was beside the dumpster behind the market on Main Street.

He needed work, so he advertised in the local paper and on television that he as a ghost hunter available to rid any house of unwanted spirits. His motto was “I see dead people”. He was hoping that by doing this he might get Jaime’s ghost’s attention and that she would come out of hibernation and give him some guidance.

One snowy night, he was hired by someone in town to de-spook a house on Oak Road.

He found that four spirits were haunting the property and after a few hours of work, he captured each of the spirits.

After capturing the spirits, he meet with the homeowner, who thanked Mike for ridding her house of the spirits.

Noting that the homeowner was a fairy, Mike asked the lady if she could partly pay him with fairy dust. Tina LeFey replied telling Mike that she would give him the fairy dust, telling him “the first one is free”.


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