The History of Twin Bayous – A Diary of a Mad Vampire

After Mike left Tina LeFey’s house, he went back home to the apartment above the barroom on Bayou Road.

In his apartment, Mike stood for a moment deciding what to do next.

Finally, he pulled out the bottle of fairy dust that Miss Tina had given him and sprinkled it over his head.

Within a few minutes, the impact of the fairy dust began to take effect. “Whoa! What a rush!” Mike thought to himself while simultaneously saying it aloud.

Mike went down to the basement below the garage. He started to cry and he pleaded with the spirit in the box on the counter to come out and talk to him.

It seems that Mike’s indiscretion with fairy dust now caused the spirit of Jamie Stoney to wake from her long slumber.

Angered that Mike was experimenting with fairy dust, the ghost told him that he needed to straighten up and return his focus to making potions.

Mike thanked Jamie for caring about him. “I’m going to straighten up and make something of myself. You can count on that!” Mike exclaimed with a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

Mike opened up the Grimoire of Morgan LeFey and proceeded to learn and make as many new potions as he possibly could before the effects of the fairy dust wore off.

At a point, he came upon one potion that he felt that he must try. Yet unfortunately, for this one potion Mike did not have an ingredient that the recipe called for. This potion called for a Vampire Fish.

The following day, Mike went to the Market on Main Street to see if he could purchase Vampire Fish there, but the man behind the counter told him that he had never heard of such a thing.

Outside the market, Mike was approached by Ursula LeFey. She was the estranged daughter of Raquel LeFey who Mike had befriended before his arrest a few years back.

Ursula said that she had overheard Mike asking about Vampire Fish. She told him to buy some garlic and head over to the City Cemetery where might be able to catch the fish from the pond.

She told him that these fish could only be caught at night. Therefore, Mike purchased a couple of garlic bulbs from the market and then around midnight he went to the cemetery to fish for a vampire fish in the little pond there.

It was around 3 AM, when Mike finally got a bite and managed to catch a good size Vampire Fish. He had brought along a pair of heavy-duty gloves and was very careful in handling the fish as it had extremely sharp teeth of an enormous size.

Just as Mike was about to leave and go back to his apartment, he encountered a ghost in the cemetery. At first Mike was frightened by the ghastly sight, but when the ghost called him by name he calmed himself enough to make a friendly introduction with the ghost.

As it turned out, it was the ghost of Ronnie Stoney. The mother of Jamie and Carina’s grandmother. Ronnie warned him about getting on wrong side of Raquel. She also brought up the thing about the fairy dust and told him to “just say no!”

As he left the cemetery, Mike wondered how many other spirits in Twin Bayous knew about what was supposed to be his private life.

After catching a vampire fish, Mike went home and mixed up a batch of the Bottled Vampire’s Bite. The ingredients were Red Valerian Root, Bloodstone, and Vampire Fish.

Mike was not quite ready to consume the potion that he had just made. As the sun began to rise over Twin Bayous, Mike went out to run some errands.

He first wanted to set the right tone by making up a disguise for himself. He drove over to the S-Mart on Eastern Avenue.

Here he planned to buy new clothes and a disguise.

To this, he added a wig, a fake beard, and a pair of dark glasses…

Going behind the Hair Styling Studio on Eastern Avenue, Mike drank the potion and almost immediately, he was turned into a vampire.

Within an instant, he noticed that he had a sudden longing for plasma.

So, Mike went straight away to the hospital with the intent to steal plasma.


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