The History of Twin Bayous – That Sure Didn’t Last Long

Mike Dutranoy had discovered the secrets of a potion that would allow him to turn himself to become a Vampire.

As soon as he became a vampire, Mike headed out to the Sisters of Sister Hospital with the intent of stealing plasma.

Using newfound powers, Mike had no problem locating and stealing a supply of plasma from the hospital. As he left the hospital he believed that he was getting away undetected.

As he was leaving the hospital, Mike was confronted by a strange looking woman with green skin and a cabbage leaf haircut.

Mike had never seen the woman before. (Years earlier Mike did meet the woman’s daughter in Central Park, but now he did not remember that). However, the woman seemed to know exactly who Mike was and even what he was up to.

Jacqueline Clemens or Doctor Jackie as she was known worked at the hospital from which Mike had just stolen plasma. She knew exactly what he was up to. She was highly resentful of the fact that he had now become a vampire.

She told Mike that her niece Carina would be coming home soon and she warned Mike that he was going to lose Carina if he kept up this behavior.

She told him that he should now concentrate his efforts on learning the recipe to the Potent Cure elixir.

She told him her story about how she stayed a plant sim because of her admiration toward Morgan LeFey for having saved her life, but she said that she now regretted not having lead a normal life.

Upon hearing what Jackie had to tell him, Mike became remorseful and he vowed to her that he would now work to find a cure.

Jackie then told Mike that if he was lacking of any of the ingredients that he needed – She knew where he might find whatever he needed.

3 thoughts on “THOTB-5.12

  1. I have never seen a plant Sim before. Wow, she’s very green! I like your story. Makes me want to play Sims 3 again. I haven’t played Sims 3 in awhile. I think I might before I get too tired from radiation.

    • Glad you enjoy it. I admit that I am addicted to Sims 3, but I do play Sims 4 occasionally. When I was going through radiation, I found that a 90-minute nap in the middle of the day would re-energize me.

      • I’ve been playing Sims 4 more lately but I still like Sims 3 better. I start radiation in 2weeks. I did the radiation mapping but it apparently takes a week to get the treatment plan in order.


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