The History of Twin Bayous – Seek and Ye Shall Find

Mike had managed to turn himself into a vampire, but after meeting Carina’s aunt Jackie and hearing her story, he was now in pursuit of a Potent Cure Elixir.

Back in the basement beneath the garage at his apartment, Mike carefully studied the Grimoire.

Finally, after days (and a little more fairy dust) Mike found a recipe for a potion called Potent Cure Elixir. The recipe called for wolfs bane flower, glow orbs, and a ruby. Mike had two of the ingredients, but he needed to find “glow orbs”.

Jackie Clemens told Mike that if he was missing any ingredients,  that he could find them at the Dutranoit plantation and she told him exactly where they were located.

Jackie arranged for Mike to get a job de-spooking the Dutranoit plantation after she made a quick call to her “old friend” Anton LeFey.

Mike Dutranoy went to Dutranoit Plantation dressed for work (and careful to wear his wig and dark glasses), but he was looking for something more important than mere spirits.

He had arranged the timing of his visit to coincide with a concert that Raquel LeFey was performing in town at the city theatre.

He met with Raquel’s father, Anton who told him to feel free to go about the grounds of the plantation and collect any spirits that he could find.

Mike found a couple of spirits outside in the garden before he moved on to the house and the barn.

Mike looked around in the house, but did not spend much time in there…

…before going over to the barn.

Inside the barn, Mike found the stairs that led down into a basement below. It was just as Jackie had described.

In the basement there was long hallway with walls of cold redbrick upon which hung a row of burning torches spaced every few feet apart.

In one room off the hallway, Mike found Morgan’s famed wine cellar, but knowing that this was not what he was looking for he only stopped briefly just to have quick peek at the bottles’ labels. Some were quite old and probably very rare.

Continuing down the long hallway, Mike came upon a doorway about which Jackie had told him.

When he got to the doorway, Mike stopped as he heard the footsteps of someone walking down the hallway behind him.

Mike turned around and he was face-to-face with the vampire Anton LeFey. He told Mike that he had come down to let him know that it was unnecessary for him to look for spirits in the basement and suggested that he come back to main house and search the attic.

Mike thought that it would unwise for him to argue with Mr. LeFey about spirits in the basement. He turned and began to walk out with the man. Then Mike turned to Mr. LeFey and asked him if there were a bathroom in the basement that he could use.

Anton showed Mike where the washroom was located and then went upstairs. Mike waited in the bathroom and listened as he heard Anton go up the stairs and cross the barn to the door leading outside.

As soon as he was sure that Anton had left the building, Mike went back down the hallway and this time he went through the doorway at the end.

It was right inside the doorway, just where Jackie said it would be, that Mike found the ancient casket where Morgan LeFey had kept all of her potion collectibles.

Taking one of each of the items in the casket, Mike left the basement and left Dutranoit Plantation as quickly as he could.


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