The History of Twin Bayous – Return from the Land of the Dead

…Previously on Twin Bayous…

Back in the mid-fifties, new-kid-in-town Mike Dutranoy, became the keeper of the Grimoire of Morgan LeFey after meeting the ghost of Jamie Stoney, who lived in his parent’s house.

Mike had a girlfriend named Carina who was the daughter of the town’s Sheriff.

Sheriff Sawyer Clemens did not like that his daughter was fooling around with this outsider, so he threw Mike Dutranoy in jail for a couple of years and sent Carina off to culinary school in Europe.

After Mike got out of jail in 1961 (AS), he moved into an apartment above a barroom on Bayou Road across from the Bowl-a-Rama.

He also rented the detached garage and in the basement, he continued to research and learn the ancient and mysterious art of alchemy.

Mike supported himself by working as a ghost hunter and he continued to send love letters to Carina.

After studying and learning many alchemy recipes, Mike learned the recipe for a potion called “Bottled Vampire’s Bite” and through experimentation he managed to turn himself into a vampire.

Yet, it was not too long after he became a vampire, he was confronted outside the Sisters of Sisters Hospital by Carina’s aunt Jacqueline, who was also known as Doctor Jackie.

Jackie had once upon a time been turned into a vampire by Anton Lefey, but was saved by Anton’s wife, Morgan, who turned Jackie into a Plantsim (see THOTB-2.16).

Jackie explained to Mike the vampiric future that he was facing and also how she had regretted that she did not ask Morgan to later change her back to normal.

Mike was ashamed for what he had become and he swore to Jackie that he would now search for a cure that could be used to change both of them back to normal.

Mike focused all his efforts on finding the Potent Cure Elixir and during this time, he discovered several different and important potions and elixirs.

While Mike struggled to find the cure and the ghost of Jamie Stoney provided him with encouragement. Mike also learned the recipe for Skill booster and this helped him learn more alchemy recipes at a much faster rate.

Finally, after days (and a little more fairy dust) Mike found a recipe for a potion called Potent Cure Elixir. The recipe called for wolfsbane flower, glow orbs, and a ruby. Mike had two of the ingredients, but he needed to find “glow orbs”.

Through an arrangement made by Doctor Jackie, Mike was able to get into the Anton LeFey’s subterranean lair beneath Dutranoit Plantation and it was there that Mike found a treasure trove of ingredients for required for all the potions that he had learned from studying the Grimoire of Morgan LeFey.

So, from all of this, Mike was able to mix up a batch of the Potent Cure Elixir.

And when he was done he called up Jacqueline and asked her to come over to see him.


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