The History of Twin Bayous – A Brighter Tomorrow

Mike had discovered and made the Potent Cure Elixir. He immediately got on the phone and called up Jacqueline.

When Jackie arrived, she announced that she has just come from her retirement party at the hospital.

Jackie also told Mike that she had learned this morning that Carina had delayed her return to Twin Bayous. She said that Carina told her parents that she was receiving one-on-one training from a top chef. Mike said that was fine and that he was already planning to go to Monte Vista and surprise Carina.

The Mike had some news of his own and he announced that he had discovered and created the potent cure elixir. He reminded her that she had told him that she regretted not having lived a normal life and how Anton LeFey had robbed her of her youth.

Jackie told Mike that she appreciated all the hard work he had done, but she asked that if he had also made a potion that would turn her back into a Plantsim if she wanted to go back. Mike told her ‘no’, but that he was working on such a potion.

Mike told Jackie that he had already taken the potion himself and Jackie agreed to let Mike administer the potion.

Oops! When Mike applied the potion to Jackie he “accidentally” applied the wrong potion. After applying the potion, they both realized that the potion was the “Fountain of Youth Elixir”.

Mike apologized to Jackie. She said the she was okay, but she told him to please hurry and get it over. Mike made sure that he had the correct potion and now he applied the Potent Cure Elixir to Jackie.

There was an awkward moment as they waited for the potion(s) to take effect.

Then when the potion did take effect and Jackie underwent the change to a younger and ‘normal’ version of herself, she acted as if nothing had happened. Mike was speechless.

He stood and watched in amazed silence as Jackie casually picked up a cue stick and started playing pool.

Mike asked Jackie if she was okay and she responded that she was okay. “How do you feel?” “I’m fine. I feel good. It feels right.”

Mike suggested that Jackie stay at the apartment for a while; just make sure that were no side effects or problems. Mike asked if Jackie would stay and guard the Grimoire while he was traveling to Monte Vista to visit Carina.

Jackie agreed to stay at the apartment, but Jackie told Mike that she needed to take care of something before she did anything else.

Jackie went back to the hospital to tell the administrator that she had changed her mind about retirement.

That night she slept on a bed that Mike had set up for her in the basement where the Grimoire was stored.

Mike slept soundly now without wondering where his next fix of plasma would come from. In the morning, he planned to leave for Monte Vista.


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