The History of Twin Bayous – Life’s Like That

Mike traveled to Monte Vista to see his girlfriend, Carina, whom he had not seen in a number of years.

After asking around, Mike found the villa where Carina lived.

She greeted him outside. Though she seemed very surprised to see him, she appeared to be more confused than anything else.

It had been over two years since they last saw each other and now their reunion was turning out to be very weird and awkward.

Mike asked Carina if there is a problem: “You don’t seem happy to see me.”

Carina started to stammer and stall with her explanation. It was during an awkward moment of silence that Mike heard a noise coming from the other room.

Curious as to what the noise was, Mike went into another room and found a man sitting in a chair and removing his shoes.

Mike introduced himself as Carina’s boyfriend and asked the man “Who are you?”.

The man said his name is Giani De Laurentiis and that he lived here… with Carina. Then when the man asked Mike “Are you the ex-boyfriend who was in jail?”, Mike suddenly realized what was going on.

Mike found Carina in the kitchen and he confronted her with questions about the man talking off his shoes in the other room.

Mike admitted to himself that he was never very good at reading body language and facial expressions, but as Carina continued to stall and stammer she confirmed Mike’s suspicion to the point that he became sick to his stomach.

Mike excused himself and found a place to get some relief.

After he threw up Mike returned to the kitchen to tell Carina how angry and hurt he was.

In the process of expressing his anger Mike said some things that he later regretted having said.

Perhaps it is needless to say that Mike’s trip to Monte Vista was by far the worst day of his entire life… worse than any one of 730 days he spent in jail.

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