The History of Twin Bayous – Touched by an Angel

Mike returned home to Twin Bayous in an extremely distraught state of mind.

Jackie, of course, was very concerned when Mike told her that he was thinking of ending it all by drinking every potion in the elixir cabinet.

Mike consumed at least one unmarked bottle, before Jackie began to plead with him to please calm down and not do anything drastic.

This is when Doctor Jackie told Mike that as a doctor she could have him committed to the hospital, but she wanted to give him an option.

After they had both had some breakfast, Jackie told Mike that her nephew had asked her to move in with him and his wife. Huckleberry’s wife, Sheena, was expecting twins and when Jackie thought that she was retiring, she offered to go there and help with caring for the babies.

She suggested to Mike that he and she go to live in Huckleberry’s spacious house. Telling him that a change of scenery might do him some good.

Mike was now starting to feel the effects of whatever potion he had just gulped down and wanted to ask Jackie to take him to hospital, but Jackie was now on the phone talking to her nephew and making arrangements for their move.

Later that evening, Jackie wanted to explain to Mike that there was another part to this – it had to with protecting the Grimoire – but Mike was now spellbound by a video game.


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