The History of Twin Bayous – He Opens a Window

Huckleberry & Sheena Clemens were fairly well-to-do and lived in a beautiful home on a 64×64 lot across the road from the old Ringwald place in Twin Bayous’ tony Mansion District.

They had invited Huck’s aunt Jacqueline to come and live with them. Doctor Jackie was supposed to be retired and she had previous offered to come and help the couple who were expecting twins to be born any day now. Jackie now brought along a friend who was in need.

Mike Dutranoy, the designated keeper of the Grimoire of Morgan LeFey, had recently gone to Monte Vista to surprise his girlfriend whom he had not seen in over two years.

While there in Monte Vista, Mike learned that Carina had met someone else and that she was living with this “other man”. Mike was devastated and he was now going through a very difficult time.

Doctor Jackie, Huckleberry, and Sheena were doing all they could to make the best of a bad situation. They took comfort in the fact that Mike was slowly starting to come around.

Jackie, a level-10 neurosurgeon and a trained therapist, kept an almost constant watch on Mike.

Part of Mike’s therapy consisted of nightly “watch the stars” sessions outside by the gate on the side of the house.

All of Mike’s stuff from the apartment was brought over to the Clemen’s house and placed in the basement beneath the garage. Jackie made sure that everything was set up the same way as it was at the other place.

This included Mike’s mentor and friend, the ghost of Jamie Stoney.

It was not too long after Mike, Jackie, and the ghost arrived, that Sheena leapt out of bed one night shouting that her water had broken and that she needed to get to the hospital.

That night the twins, Tom and Becky, were born. These two children had one thing in common that no one else in the town of Twin Bayous had… they were only ones in town who could claim descent from all 16 of the town founders. A fifth generation of Sims was now sprouting in the town of Twin Bayous.

It now became a little awkward for Mike, as his bedroom had been designated as the nursery long before he moved into the house.

But Mike was not complaining as he was very grateful to Jackie for helping him transition through a very difficult period in his life.

One night after dinner, Mike was having some difficult expressing himself, as he wanted to tell Jackie how much he appreciated all that she had done for him.

Being at a loss for words, Mike suddenly expressed his gratitude in the only way that he could think of at the moment.

That night Jackie invited Mike to move out of the nursery.


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