The History of Twin Bayous – Fancy Meeting You Here

Jackie Clemens was born in 1894 and in the fall of 1962, she was 68 years old. However, the way she looked now was way beyond compare. One morning she rode her bike to work and that evening she planned to meet her twenty-two year old boyfriend for dinner.

After an absence of three and a half years, a daughter of Twin Bayous returned home. Carina Clemens had earned an advanced degree in the culinary arts and she was ready to start working as the new head chef at the Little Corsican restaurant that her great-grandmother had founded 80 years earlier.

While Carina was overseas in Monte Vista, she met a guy whom she thought was “the one”, but he instead turned out to be a real jerk. Carina had mixed feelings about being back home and the one thing that she dreaded most was coming face to face with a certain individual whom she had badly hurt.

As she sat outside the restaurant thinking about it, she almost froze as she realized that she should be hiding in the kitchen instead sitting out where any minute now he could come along.

Then like a well-planned death wish, there he was sitting at the next table looking at her as though he was watching the results of a horrible accident on the evening news.

Carina was so relieved when he was one to break the ice and he said something stupid like “Fancy meeting you here.”

Carina started to smile at Mike, but stopped herself as things suddenly got really weird. Carina’s aunt Jackie had arrived. Carina had heard all about her aunt’s transformation, but she had not seen her until now. Aunt Jackie looked amazing! No doubt, that Mike was in love with her.

As Carina walked away she caught only bit of what they were talking about. She heard Aunt Jackie say how excited she was about tomorrow.

Carina guessed that Mike was also excited as she witnessed how Mike wrapped Jackie in his arms and kissed her passionately.

The next evening Mike and Jackie were seen in a boat on the bayou headed toward the Gulf Bridge.

Their destination was the state park at Liberty Cay.

At sunset, Jackie fried up a mess of fish while Mike lit a bonfire.

It was a bit chilly at night, but they enjoyed the delicious meal that Jackie had prepared.

That night it rained as they slept snugly in their tent. The Gulf Bridge looked splendid as it was lit up against a purple night sky.

In the morning, they did not mind that the sand was damp as they sat and enjoyed the warm gulf breeze.

Before lunch, they made out in the hot tub.

As Jackie was about to go into the tent and change, Mike stopped her and made a flirty joke.

Then Mike got down on one knee and from his pocket, he produced a jewel case.

From the case, he produced a beautiful diamond engagement ring and holding it out to Jackie he professed his love and Mike asked Jackie to marry him.


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