The History of Twin Bayous – Founder’s Day 1968

Every summer the townsfolk of Twin Bayous celebrate Founder’s Day. At least they have since 1918. Founder’s Day marks the day that 16 brave young citizens returned to Twin Bayous three years after the end of the Simville War. The year in which this event occurred was 1868 and now in 1968 the town was preparing for an even larger celebration to mark the centennial of Founder’s day.

The chairperson of the Founder’s Day celebration committee was the 78-year-old town matron, Tabitha LeFey-Gentille. She and the committee were planning many activities for the 100th anniversary celebration.

On this particular evening, Tabitha was scheduled to meet with her fortune telling co-worker, Michael Dutranoy, to discuss one of the activities that she has planned.

Tabitha was planning an essay contest for the fifth grade class as part of centennial celebration of Founder’s Day.

When she arrived at the Clemen’s home, she was greeted by Jacqueline who was still very upset over the death of her aunt Colleen.

Before going in to meet with Michael, Tabitha tried her best to cheer-up Jackie.

Tabitha had come to ask Mister Dutranoy to help her organize the contest and to act as judge.

She tells him that she choose him because he is an outsider and she needs someone who is not related to any of the founders.

Tabitha explains the rules to Mike…

There are 16 children in the 5th grade and each one them are descendants of at least two founders.

Two of the students are descendant of all 16 of the founders. Mike is aware of who they are. They are Tom and Becky Clemens, the son and daughter of Huckleberry and Sheena Clemens.

Tabitha is making Mike responsible for assigning to each student one of the founders to write an essay on. The only requirement is that the student be matched with an actual ancestor.

He must be fair and impartial in making the assignments and she asks only that he give Tom and Becky their assignments lastly.

Tabitha gives Mike a book containing the genealogical records of the town and then she wished him the best of luck by casting a good luck charm.


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