The History of Twin Bayous – Assign This!

Mike Dutranoy had accepted an assignment from Tabitha LeFey-Gentille, the head of the Founder’s Day Centennial Committee.

His task was to assign a founder/ancestor to each of the 16 students in the fifth grade. Students were to then write an essay on the founder/ancestor that was assigned to them. Mike was then to judge the essays and award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place honors.

After a careful review of each student’s genealogy Mike had determined the appropriate ancestor to assign to each student. Mike then spent a few evenings visiting each student at his or her home.

Not everyone (including parents) were happy with the assignment they were given, but Mike had to not only be fair and impartial, but he also had to be careful that every student had an assignment.

Because Tom and Becky Clemens were descended from all 16 founders, Mike did not make their assignments until after all other students were given their assignments.

The first student that Mike visited was Albert Clemens.

Albert was the son of Scotty Clemens (Jackie’s youngest brother) and he lived in Eastdale at 100 Beauregard Place.

Mike assigned to Albert the boy’s great-grandmother, Vicki Gentille. Albert was not happy with this, but Mike told Albert the same thing that he told all of the students… the decision was final.

Next on the list were the brothers Dereck Clemens and…

…his brother Cory Clemens.

The brothers lived in the Tobacco Road area at 100 Cracker Road. Their mother was Susanne Clemens, perpetually pregnant daughter of Tam Clemens and Tammi Ringwald. She was a 33-year-old nursing student. The boys’ father was Augusine Viernes, grandson of Xena Viernes.

Cory was assigned his great-great grandfather, the famous movie director John Ringwald.

And Dereck was assigned his great-great grandfather, the notorious crime boss, Victor Goombah.

Then Mike went next door to 107 Tobacco Road and visited Kenyon Viernes.

Kenyon Viernes also lived a trailer park on Tobacco Road. He was the grandson of Cheech Goombah and Yada-yada Goombah was his great grandfather. His mother Connie Viernes was the daughter of Xavier Viernes. They lived with Kenyon’s grandparents, Xavier and Tomeka.

Kenyon was assigned his great-great grandfather, the famous athlete/coach, Knut Stoney.

3 thoughts on “THOTB-5.22

    • I do like making up names, but also I like to see what the game will do. I named all of the 1st and 2nd generation, but many of the later generations were named randomly by the game.


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