The History of Twin Bayous – More Assignments

Mike’s next stop was the home of Courtney Paquette-Clemens at 300 Oak Rd.

Courtney Paquette-Clemens was assigned…

…her great-great grandfather, the wealthy bookseller, Gregg Stoney-Gentile.

Next up was the home of Danielle & Desiree Ringwald-Clemens in Oak Valley at 800 Oak Road.

Danielle was assigned…

…her great-great grandmother, Peggy Sue (Lynne) Stoney, the famous country and western singer.

Her sister, Desiree was assigned…

…their great-great grandmother, Maria (Vito) Goombah.

Finally, that evening, Mike went to see Karen Ringwald-Viernes who lived in Palms District at 400 Palm Blvd. She was the daughter of Mike’s high school classmate Mary Ann Ringwald.

Karen was assigned…

…her great-great grandmother, the well-known witch, Morgan (Dutranoit) LeFey.


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