The History of Twin Bayous – The Definition of Insanity

The History of Twin Bayous was filmed before a live simulated audience. Episodes 2 through 13 take place in the fall of 1973 and the spring of 1974.

Tom Clemens wanted a girlfriend in the worst way. He was not sure why. He just knew that that was what he wanted.

He had heard rumors and gossip about Desiree Ringwald-Clemens and Allen Ringwald being a couple.

Also, his sister had told him that she had heard that Courtney Paquette-Clemens had the hots for Kenyon Viernes.

Tom had had a romantic interest in Kelly Poindexter-Ringwald, but when he tried to ask her out, things did not go well.

Tom decided to ask Mr. Dutranoy for his opinion on the subject and…

…when Tom asked Mike, the man had a sudden flashback to a kinder, gentler time and then he told Tom that having a girlfriend was not always such a great idea.

Tom reminded Mr. Dutranoy that Mike worked as a fortuneteller and that he should be able to tell Tom’s fortune. Tom even offered to pay for a reading.

Mike did not want to be exposed as a fraud. (Oh no, he could not let that happen.) So, he thought back to the essay contest and he threw out the first name that came to mind… Danielle Ringwald-Clemens. (How could you forget a name like that?)

She is probably much older now, Mike thinks. “This one is on the house, kid,” Mike told Tom.

Tom then tried repeatedly to meet Danielle, but he just could not seem to get the timing right. Danielle had an afterschool thing and then she had a job in the evenings.

Finally, remembering a story that his father told him, he sent the girl a love letter. (For the story that his dad told him see season 4/episode 24)

While he waited for a response, Tom took a job at the cemetery as a “ghost whisperer”.


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