The History of Twin Bayous – Hey, They are your family!

One evening while Tom was at work, his aunt Carina stopped by the cemetery.

While they were talking, Carina mentioned to her nephew that she was pregnant. Tom did not ask who the father was and Carina did not say.

Recently, the 90-something Donna Clemens had come to Mike Dutranoy and asked him, her son-in-law, if he would be interested in taking on the job of managing a number of properties that she owned about town. This included the baseball team, the Twin Bayou Bobcats.

Besides the baseball team, Donna owned a couple of bars on Ocean Boulevard…

One on either side of the movie theatre.

And she owned the Bowl-A-Rama out in West Beach…

The Bowl-a-rama was next door to the Sim Burger and directly across from the beach. All this largess was due to a great fortune that she had finally inherited from her father’s estate.

Donna did not say why she was not asking her son or nephew to help manage the properties and consequently, Mike did not ask her. He agreed to work for her and she rewarded him by asking him out to dinner.

When Huckleberry learned about the situations of his sister and of his grandmother, he decided that it was time that there would be a family reunion at Christmas time.

Huck’s dad, Sawyer was now an elder, but he refused to retire and give up his position as town Sheriff.

He was soon going to be celebrating his 35th anniversary as Twin Bayou’s top lawman.

Since he was already living on a farm down along the sleepy Apasimmacola Bayou, he did not think there was any reason to retire.

So, the Clemens family gathered at the home of Huck and Sheena Clemens to celebrate Christmas..

…and although it was not quite yet New Year’s Eve, there were fireworks.

Mike seemed to get along just fine with Donna and Rochelle.

But he did have a problem with Sawyer and Carina. He basically accused the both of them of having ruined his life.

This animosity did not sit well with Jackie. She sat alone during suppertime.

Jackie was all dressed up and just wanted to have a good time with her family.

But between her mother’s nagging and her niece’s duplicity, Jackie was not going to have a pleasant visit with the family.

She made the mistake of thinking that perhaps she and Carina could possibly become friends….

But Carina was evil and she was never going to change.

So, Jackie gave up trying to be Carina’s friend and since Jackie was not capable being anyone’s enemy, she decided to take a different approach to the situation.

And that is when Jackie decided that she was ready to have a baby with Mike. There was some sort of strange competition now in effect between Aunt Jackie and niece Carina.

It was few weeks into 1974, when Jackie first start noticing that she was with child.

When she told her husband the good news, he was beside himself with joy.

It was hard for a workaholic, but Jackie did finally take time off during the last few weeks of her pregnancy.

Their son, Mykolas Dutranoy was born in the early autumn of ’74.


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