The History of Twin Bayous – It’s My Party.

Mike and Jackie loved to go fishing out on the bayou.

And when Mike made some good money from a bonus that Jackie’s mother paid him, Jackie told Mike that he could use the money buy a bigger boat.

It was a real beauty and Mike kept it docked not far from City Beach.

Mike took a few days off from work and went on out on a fishing expedition all on his lonesome.

He took the boat up a wilder part of the Simwahanee bayou where he heard the fishing was great.

While Mike was out fishing, Jackie with the baby, along with Huck and Sheena went on a little weekend vacation.

With the folks gone for the weekend, Tom and Becky decided a throw a party and invite all of their friends.

It was pool party and Becky said it was real important that everyone have a good time.

And as it got started everyone was having a good time.

But Becky stayed out front most of the evening trying to talk Cory Clemens-Viernes into coming inside. Cory thought some of the gang was stuck-up and that they looked down on him and his brother.

Inside some folks were complaining because there was not any beer.

While upstairs Jodi and Elmer were fooling around in Becky’s parent’s bedroom.

Jodi got mad when she overheard one of the girls talking about her in bad way.

The party broke up when Allan Ringwald told everyone he had a keg of beer hidden out at the Old Quarry.

Yet no one followed Allan out to the Old Quarry, because it looked like it was going to rain.

Tom and Danielle wound up at the City Beach Motel. She and Tom stood out in the parking lot, while Tom tried to convince her that there was nothing wrong with what they were about to do.

What they did was they got a room. This is exactly what Danielle had said Jodi and Elmer should have done.

While Jaycee and Nicolas snuck off to their favorite hang-out.

Jaycee found that she was really turned on by Nicolas’ nerdiness and she loved to make out with him at the library.


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