The History of Twin Bayous – All By Myself, Don’t Wanna Be

During that day, Mike Dutranoy was enjoying life out on the water. Fishing was really good along the backwaters of the Simwahenee bayou.

On Saturday night, Mike took the dinghy out for some night fishing in the marshes off Vito island.

Mike accidentally ran the dinghy aground and he had to climb out and walk over to the road hoping to find someone to help him.

That was when he saw some very strange lights on the road.

Mike was not the least bit scared and more than anything, he was curious as to the source of the lights. He went to where the lights were and he stood right under it.

For a brief moment, the lights went out, but Mike continued to watch in the direction where the glow had come from.

Then suddenly a bright beam of light shot down from the sky and Mike was caught the beam.

He tried to run away from it, but he was caught in the grasp of the mystery illumination.

In an instance, the mysterious beam of light was gone and Mike with it. There was now only a waxing moon that shone down on the sleepy town of Twin Bayous.

When morning came, Becky was all by herself. She wanted to forget all about the disastrous party. She was troubled by Cory not wanting to come inside. Was there really a division in this little town? Did some people really think that they were better than others were?

Outside on the patio, just before dawn, Becky confided in her Aunt Jamie that she was in love with Cory Clemens-Viernes, but she did not know what to do about it.

Aunt Jamie told Becky to “follow your heart”. Then as the sun began to rise, the ghost of Jamie Stoney went poof and disappeared.

Becky got on her bike and set off in the direction of the west side of town.

Her destination was the trailer park on Tobacco road where Cory lived.

Becky found Cory and she told him exactly how she felt about him.

Cory was not expecting Becky to be so bold, but he got a warm feeling toward the girl. It was the beginning of a romance that would last only a couple of years and that would leave the both of them feeling very bitter towards each other and life in general.

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