The History of Twin Bayous – Finding the Long Lost

Still disoriented and lost, Mike found himself way over on the other side of town and at the Brewed Awakenings Coffee Shop on West Beach Boulevard.

As he bought a cup of coffee, he noticed that across the room there was a uniformed police officer standing by the windows.

Mike felt like a little kid at the mall as he approached the police officer wanting to tell her that he was lost.

The officer was quietly reading a book as Mike sat down beside her.

The officer asked Mike to step over behind the counter so that she could ask him some questions.

It did not take her long to determine that Mike was not drunk or high, but then she asked him a rather strange question: “How’s my mom doing?”

Mike was dumbfounded when he realized that the person that he was talking to was Jackie’s daughter, Cortney Poindexter.

Mike then responded: Why don’t you escort me home and you can find out for yourself…”

Jackie was reunited with her daughter to whom she had not spoken in many years.

The two were so caught up in catching up that they stood outside talking for about fifteen minutes before they realized that it had started raining.

Jackie congratulated Courtney for getting a degree in Communications and on her job with the sheriff’s department.

Mother and daughter spent the entire evening being reacquainted.

That night Courtney stayed over and slept in the spare bed down in the basement.


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