The History of Twin Bayous – Donna’s Exit

The motel down at the end of City Beach had of recently become a popular hangout place.

However, for Jodi Stoney the motel was starting to lose its appeal.

For weeks now, she and her boyfriend, Elmer, had been meeting regularly at the motel.

Each time they visited, they would spend time in the same room.

Yet Jodi was starting to think that maybe they were doing something wrong.

During the latest visit, Jodi told Elmer that she had decided that she was not going to fool around anymore and with that, she jumped up and ran off.

One person in town who knew firsthand how things can get complicated from “fooling around” was Donna Clemens.  Although she did not look a day over 59, Donna  was now 92 years old.

Donna now lived at the family farm with her 64-year-old son, Sawyer.

One night as they were returning home from a night out on the town…

…when Donna was feeling a bit tipsy and all of a sudden, she started seeing things.

She did not want to alarm her son so she said nothing and decided to ignore what she was seeing and pretend that they were not there.

Donna went upstairs and went to bed.

However, a little while later, she jumped out of bed as though something had startled her.

She had a sense that something important was about to happen.

Suddenly she felt as if she were floating.

In a moment she was felt as if she were becoming light itself.

Then she underwent a final transformation into a ghastly state.

Within seconds, her tiny bedroom was filled by the other members of the house including the ghosts of Morgan and Mark Clemens.

Donna Clemens, daughter of Gregg & Vicki Gentille, was buried in the family plot at Clemens Valley farm. Her headstone read “Donna (Gentille) Clemens – RIP – (1882-1974)”


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