The History of Twin Bayous – One for the Price of Two

Note: Sometimes my planning is off. Originally, this was supposed to be two episodes, but I had already written episode 13 and made plans for 14 through 26.

The year was now 1978 and despite all the strange goings-on, the town of Twin Bayous remained the quiet, sleepy, little town it had always been. Most folks might have only known about the place if they was flying over it in an airplane going somewhere else like New Orleans or Miami and they just happen look down at the right time.

Rarely did a plane land at the Twin Bayous airport. The strip had been built back during the war, but it never did get much use. Most folks came and went by way of the car ferry.

During the heat of a lazy summer day, folks could go about town and maybe only see one other person standing out on the street.

In the middle of the day, there would be a few cars parked in front of the Market Basket.

It was at night that folks would come out and go to places such as the diner down at the end of the pier.

Or the Simburger over in West Beach.

The old Bridgeview Park was also a popular spot on a warm summer evening.

But these days the young folks preferred to take a taxi boat over to the new Bridgeview park that had been built on an artificial island in the bay.

This is where Allen Ringwald and Desiree Ringwald-Clemens always liked to go.

Usually the couple would go there just to talk.

But on one particular evening, Allan got down on his knees before Desiree and he popped the question to her.

And a very excited Desiree Ringwald responded “Yes!” to the question that had been asked.

A similar scenario was playing out in front of the City Beach Motel where Albert Clemens and Karen Ringwald-Viernes went on one of their rendezvous.

Albert, who was always a little clumsy, fell over on his back-side as he first tried to get down on one knee.

But he managed to get himself into the right position before he asked the question.

Karen was in near tears as she gushed her response to Albert.

Later that night as Karen was sitting in the motel room watching television she underwent a transformation.

Karen, just as many of the other kids in town, aged up and turned twenty-one Sim years old.

It was something of a very noticeable transformation, with some folks saying that she should go into modeling or acting. Yet, Karen had other plans and she was on her way to nursing school.


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