The History of Twin Bayous – A Summer Vacation

The story you are about to read is pure fiction. The names have been made up to protect the author.

This is the city… Angel City, Simfornia. I work here. I am private detective. I carry badge.

My name is Dobbs James Dobbs, but people usually get confused and call me by my middle name… James.

I live in a trailer in the desert, east of Angel City, outside the town of Zzyxx.

ZZyxx is the home of the county fairgrounds. It has a bar, a gas station, and a diner.

I work for a security firm located downtown in the Justin Case Insurance building.

The security firm is owned by Ronald Rump. He is my boss.

He is the boss of many of people. He also owns the Plumbob Movie Studio and lots of real estate in the city and county of Angel City.

Who knows, he might even own the trailer that I live in.

My boss tells me that I need to increase my charisma, logic, and learn martial arts; otherwise, I won’t get a promotion.

Personally, I am a bit of a crazy, mixed-up guy. My shrink, Angie Morgan, tells me that I am neurotic, perceptive, and charismatic.

She also tells me that I am lucky and a great kisser.

Usually after work, I can be found at Dino’s Lodge, a bar on Sunset Strip.

The bartenders here know how I like my martinis… regulation 9-to-1, shaken not stirred.

Dino’s is also place where I have been quite lucky at meeting the ladies.

My shrink also tells me that I am rather broadminded when it comes to woohoo, with little regard to age or marital status. My latest girlfriend is a married chick named Wendy Dawson.

Wendy Dawson is an unhappy homemaker living on food stamps who wants to leave her husband and children.

At first, I thought she was really hot chick, but over time, I have come to realize that she is a terrible person.

And yet for some strange reason I asked Wendy to move in with me.

Now that I think about it… she is not just a terrible person… she is a horrible person. I am thinking maybe I should leave town and lay low somewhere for a while. Every now and then, the Sheriff in some little town down South calls my boss and asks for help solving a crime. Maybe next time the Sheriff calls, I might volunteer to go out there.

In the summer of 1978, Mike, Jackie and their son Mykolas went on a vacation to visit Mike’s family in Angel City. They stayed in rundown motel near the beach. There are many rundown motels in Angel City, but there are not too many remaining that are right on the beach.

Mike’s family had relocated to Simfornia in the early sixties while Mike was still in jail and they just now got around to telling him where they went.

Jackie bought herself a pair of sunglasses, because everyone in Angel City wears them.

Jackie thought to herself “I wonder if Lana Turner was discovered at a place like this?”

All joking aside, the family had a great time visiting the folks. Mike sat on the sofa with his dad and brother and made small talk. There was a Dodgers game on the TV, but no one was actually paying any attention to it.

Jackie was bored so she bought one of those Star maps and she and Mykolas spent most of the time driving around Hollywood looking at houses.


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