The History of Twin Bayous – Watch What You Say

On the evening of the meteor strike, Jackie, Mike and son Mykolas were at home having dinner.

Jackie received a call from her nephew informing her of the disaster. She said she was leaving for the hospital right away. Sawyer told her there was no need – there were no injured to treat, no dead to be buried.

But then Sawyer told Jackie that he had some bad news – her daughter Courtney was among the number of missing sims.

Jackie got herself together quickly and she skyped her granddaughter, Courtney’s daughter, Hollie; telling the girl to not go anywhere and that she was coming to get her.

Hollie Clemens, daughter of Courtney Poindexter, was ten years old when her mother disappeared.

She came to live with the woman that she only recently learned was her grandmother.

Jackie knew that things were not going to be easy for Hollie living in a strange house with strangers, but she was going to do all that she could give her granddaughter a safe and warm place to live.

She told Hollie that until they knew otherwise, that her mother must be still alive somewhere.

Hollie told Jackie that kids at school were saying that the missing people had been abducted by aliens. Jackie asked Hollie who was saying that and Hollie told her that Mykolas was one of the kids.

Jackie met her son outside the house when he came home from after-school. She told him to stop spreading rumors about alien abductions.

Mykolas was given a time-out and made to stand facing a wall.

When Hollie first came to the house, Mykolas felt sorry for her, but he now was starting to not like her very much.


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