The History of Twin Bayous – Breaking Up Can Be Easy To Do

In the summer of ’78, the sixteen members of Gen-5 moved into a pair of apartment buildings overlooking the Gulf of Simexico in the West Beach area.

Several weeks after the meteor strike on the Market Basket, the Gen-Fivers finally graduated.

In the beginning, everyone seemed to get along well.

And although everyone now had jobs, there was a bit of an on-going party atmosphere.

Since the beach was next door, the party often spilled over to the sand.

But it was not all playtime, for example Courtney Paquette-Clemens, a kleptomaniac, was now working at the criminal warehouse.

While Jodi Stoney had taken a job at the sheriff’s department.

At apartment two, Elmer and Jodi shared a room.

In apartment one, Cory Clemens-Viernes and Becky Clemens also shared a bedroom.

One evening, Becky and Cory enjoyed some quiet time together.

They had been going together for almost four years now.

Cory felt that he was ready to take things to next level.

He went out and bought an engagement ring. To him now was the right time to ask Becky to marry him.

Unfortunately he did not take into account Becky’s feelings toward marriage. She told him ‘no’ and that she was not ready to get married.

Cory did not see that coming…

He was on his way to crawl into bed and cry-it-out…

…when he met Jaycee. She asked him what was going on.

She asked Cory if he wanted to talk and they went outside on the patio. This began a series of events that led to what became known as the great shake-up of ’78.

Becky began to suspect that something was going on between Cory and Jaycee.

This went on weeks/months, that Becky would find Cory and Jaycee spending a lot of time hanging out on the back patio.

At first it was just a suspicion that there might be something going between the two.

Yet one had only to be blind…

…to not see that things were getting serious between them.

By early Autumn, Cory and Jaycee moved out of the apartment and into the trailer park where Cory grew up.

Cory let his hair and beard grow long.

While he stayed home and worked on his novel, Jaycee went to work at the theater as roadie.

It did not take long for Becky to get over Cory.

Whatever consolation there was, she and Nicolas expressed it by nightly jamming in the apartment’s garage.

Soon they were making beautiful music together.


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