The History of Twin Bayous – The Vampyre Journal – Pt.1

Sheriff Sawyer suspected that the lightening and meteor strikes that took away two dozen citizens of Twin Bayous did not occur naturally. He thought that it was either witchcraft, science, or possibly both.

He remembered something that happened 25 years before. (See season 4 episode 26)

Julie Goombah was dead and no one seemed to know where Romero was.

Sheriff Sawyer called a nationally known security company located on Sunset Boulevard in Angel City, Simfornia and asked to hire a private detective who could help with the investigation.

Dobbs James Dobbs arrived in town on a Saturday. It was Leisure Day weekend.

There was a festival going on at Central Park and being the sleaze-bag that he was, he decided he would try and pick-up the first hot dish that he saw.

Dobbs knew all of the tricks and roller skating was always a sure fire way to pick-up chicks.

He spied Maryann Ringwald and Kelly Poindexter-Ringwald rexing in the center of the rink while a song by Heart blared over the speakers.

When the music stopped, Mike followed Maryann and then introduced himself.

It took no more than thirty seconds before MaryAnn was completely disgusted by Dobbs’ indecent proposal.

Then Dobbs went off and played whack-a-mole until a perv-in-the-park alert got everyone to giving him dirty looks. He had to leave before he was thrown out.

If Dobbs were to write a book on places to pick-up chicks, the grocery store would be discussed in chapter one.

But unfortunately since today was a holiday, there was not much in the way of action at the Market Basket. So, Dobbs decided to head over to Ocean Boulevard.

Dobbs had heard that Ocean Boulevard was the place to go bar hopping in Twin Bayous.

He just happened to pick the bar that was popular with the town’s firefighters.

Within moments after he got his drink, Dobbs thought it was a good idea to try and pick-up the one female firefighter in the bar.

This did not go over well with her girlfriend, a chick with wings, wearing graduation robes. Dobbs had been in town less than 24 hours and already he was in his first barroom brawl.

After the fight was over, Dobbs took his drink and sat in the corner by the window to nurse his wounds. Outside, in front of theater, Dobbs spied a very hot-looking woman wearing tight jeans and a revealing red top.

Dobbs ran outside and introduced himself to Carina Clemens. He did not know it, but Carina was dressed in the costume worn by her punk rock band that performed on weekends at the theater.

Dobbs had an entirely different idea of why Carina was dressed as she was. He boldly asked her out on a date. Carina was not interested and yet she was sort of interested. She told Dobbs: “No, not tonight.”

Dobbs then asked her: “How about tomorrow?” To which Carina responded: “Tomorrow is Sunday and I go to church on Sundays”.

Dobbs then told her: “Okay then I’ll meet you at the church.”


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