The History of Twin Bayous – Meanwhile back in West Beach

Meanwhile back in West Beach…

The romance between Albert & Karen had reached a boiling point.

Things were getting really hot between the two and everybody in the apartment agreed that the couple should move out and get a place of their own.

They had looked at a lovely house right on the confluence of the two bayous.

The house was very nice, but it was way outside their price range.

Karen was just about to give up on finding a nice place…

…when her mom called and told her that the Old Creole Townhouse was vacant and available to rent.

Albert & Karen were married. They move into the Old Creole Townhouse and started planning to have a bunch of kids.

Not all romances were going as well as that of Albert & Karen. Tom had become very jealous towards Danielle. He suspected that something was going on between her and Kenyon Viernes.

Nothing was going between Kenyon and Danielle, but Danielle did have a secret that she was keeping from Tom.

It seems that Danielle had discovered fairy dust.

And she discovered that she like it.

But it did not take too long before Tom figured out what was going on.

And so Tom broke it off with Danielle and she was very sad.

Meanwhile in the garage at apartment one, Becky and Nicolas had become the loudest punk rock band in Twin Bayous.

See the updated THOTB Characters page.
It now contains a complete listing of the generation Five heirs.


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