The History of Twin Bayous – Meanwhile Back at the Plantation

Meanwhile back at the plantation, Raquel was bored.

There was nothing good on television any more. By mid-summer, she had tired of watching reruns and she was starting to devise all sorts of devious plots.

For fun, she would let Ariel Poindexter out in the yard.

Ariel would hang-out by the bee hives.

Where he would spend most of the afternoon snagging bees with his toadie tongue.

She would also allow him to go off-prem once a week.

Ariel would visit the criminal warehouse, of which he was in charge, where he was allowed to check-up on things.

Raquel threatened Ariel with “more of the same” if he tried to escape.

Ariel feared not only Raquel, but he also kept an eye out for Raquel’s daddy, the ghost of Anton LeFey, who would occasionally be seen roaming around inside the main house.


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