The History of Twin Bayous – Love is All Around

The very next Gen-V couple to get married were Jodi and Elmer.

Jodi was certain that she was pregnant, but she said nothing to anyone. For a long time, she was the one who had been telling all of her girlfriends to be careful.

Sure enough, when she called her mother to tell her the news about the wedding, her mother gasped: “Oh my gawd! You’re pregnant!”

Jodi could not lie to her mother, but she told her mom that she would call her back as soon as she talked to Elmer.

When Jodi told Elmer that she (they) were expecting, Elmer told her that the only thing that changed was that he now loved her more.

To which Jodi responded: “Golly, gee.”

Next in line was Allan and Desiree.

Some of her friends thought that Desiree was pregnant. She was not. Desiree had gained some weight since high school.

However Desiree was not fat. She had been working out for some time now and it was all muscle.

For you see Desiree was a lifeguard out at West Beach and she needed to keep in shape.

Hubby Allan was a firefighter.

They made good money and they moved into a nice house north of downtown.


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