The History of Twin Bayous – The Vampyre Journal – Pt. 3

The next morning, after Dobbs stayed over, Carina was in a fantastic mood. She got up early and started breakfast for everyone.

She thought that she would try something for Leisure Day and so she made up a big pot of Hot and Sour Soup.

At the table, Carina’s daughter, Karri, met Dobbs for the first time and he entertained everyone with stories about the private eye business.

After waiting the obligatory half-hour after eating before swimming, everyone went for a dip in the pool.

It was getting hot in the backyard so Carina suggested that they go over to old Bridgeview Park or as the kids were now calling it “Bayou Beach”. Here it was normally nice and shady in the afternoon.

There they went for a little dip in the bayou.

When they came out they found that Karri was being lazy.

So they all decided to be lazy.

After all it was Leisure Day.

That night Dobbs stayed over again and in the morning, as he was leaving for work, he told Carina that he would see her again in the evening.

Carina considered that to be a good sign that maybe this guy was different from all the others.

Dobbs went to his office located in the Library building.

It was an annex office that Sheriff Sawyer had set up as command center for the investigation.

Dobbs found in his cubicle all of the files that he had requested.

Around mid-day, an unexpected visitor showed up at the office asking to speak to Dobbs.

What was Raquel LeFey up to this time?


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