The History of Twin Bayous – The Vampyre Journal – Pt. 4

Raquel came quietly into the office where Dobbs worked and without his knowledge she sat in the empty cubicle next to his. Sitting there she idly thumbed through a magazine as she casually read the man’s mind.

As Dobbs was leaving for the day, Raquel stopped him at the door and asked if she could speak with him for a moment.

She explained that she was looking to hire a private detective to help with a matter of utmost discretion. She asked if he would be so kind as to meet with her at her home the following day.

Dobbs explained to Raquel that he was employed by the Sheriff’s office and that he was not allowed to accept any other cases.

Raquel batted her eyelashes and said: “Pretty please…”. Suddenly Dobbs was under Raquel’s thumb and her vampiric powers.

He inexplicitly hugged the strange woman and told her that he would be at Plantation Dutranoit 9 AM sharp the next day.

It was around 8 PM when Dobbs returned by cab back to Carina’s house. Shortly after he arrived, he noticed that there were strange lights up in the sky above the street. He stopped and stared up at the lights.

Suddenly an alien spacecraft materialized a few dozen feet above Dobb’s head.

As had happened many times before to other citizens of Twin Bayous, a beam of energy came down from the spacecraft and scooped up Dobb’s.

Dobbs had no idea how long he had been gone, but after however long it was, he found himself to be standing on the street only a split second before he was almost hit by a passing taxi cab. He mistook this cab for the one that had dropped him off earlier and now he had no recollection of the alien spacecraft.

Dobbs went into the house and found that Carina was already sleeping. He looked at the clock on the night stand and was perplexed to see that the time was now 2 AM.

He went to sleep without any further thought of it.

In the morning, Dobbs asked to borrow Carina’s car. He told her that he needed to drive out to Plantation Dutranoit to interview one of the occupants.

He did not mention having met Raquel the previous day, but the mere mention of Plantation Dutranoit set off Carina into a rant about Raquel LeFey. She warned Dobbs that he must be very careful around “that woman”.


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