The History of Twin Bayous – The Vampyre Journal – Pt. 5

Dobbs thought nothing about nothing as he drove the almost empty expanse of highway between the town and Plantation Dutranoit.

There as very little out there on that side of the island except a wide expanse where there used to grow acres upon acres of sea cotton and indigo.

Dobbs started to use the callbox outside the recently installed security gate to make his arrival known…

…but before pressing a button the gates opened and he walked in.

Raquel opened the front door for him before he got to the front porch.

Standing inside the house, Dobbs felt that strange warmth that he encountered the previous day when he first met Raquel.

He started to ask her why she had asked to meet with him…

…when suddenly a strange looking creature came into view and asked Dobbs if he could take his hat.

Raquel told Dobbs that the creature was her butler, Ariel and while Dobbs stood staring at the man with a toad’s head, Raquel pulled out her magickal wand and began intoning an incantation.

Ariel pulled out a yellow card with a strange symbol and asked Dobbs if the symbol meant anything to him.

While Dobbs was preoccupied by the weird symbol on the card, Raquel continued casting her spell.

Dobbs had been in a bit of a trance, but now something distracted him. He turned to Raquel and asked: “Hey, what’s the big idea?”

Without answering, Raquel grabbed Dobbs’ arm and sunk her fangs into his wrist.

After a brief moment, she let him go and when she did, Dobbs was enveloped in a reddish cloud of black bats.

Raquel asked Dobbs if he was alright and Dobbs responded: “I never felt better.”

Raquel dismissed the man who had come to see her about a private matter. Not seeming to realize that nothing was actually discussed, Dobbs strolled out of the mansion, returned to his car, and drove back into town.

As Dobbs arrived back at Carina’s house, he started to feel a little sick to his stomach.

He went to the bar and fixed himself a little pick-me-up.

Dobbs was confused about the time when saw that Carina was just now getting out of bed.

Carina was not the least bit in a mood to talk. She said only one thing to Dobbs before storming out of the bedroom: “Where the hell were you last night?”

Dobbs then went to bed and proceeded to sleep through twenty four straight hours.

When he woke up it was now Friday morning.

He stumbled out of bed. His head was hurting and he was terribly hungry.

He went into the bathroom.

When he looked in the mirror, Dobbs was shocked by what he saw.


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