The History of Twin Bayous – Two Weddings and a Vampire

Courtney Paquette-Clemens got up early one morning. Her boyfriend, Kenyon said they had this thing that they had to go to at the Masimic Temple. She was up and wondering why was he still in bed.

When they finally got to the temple, Kenyon stopped Courtney in the building’s foyer and told her that he had a surprise for her in the sanctuary.

Courtney knew immediately what it was and she became very excited.

She had been telling Kenyon for a long time that she wanted a church wedding and now her dream was coming true.

Kenyon had arranged the whole thing; including the two witnesses that were required by Simoleonic code.

It was a beautiful ceremony, complete with petals falling from the wedding arch.

The two witnesses were Tom Clemens and Danielle Ringwald-Clemens . It was kind of awkward since the two of them had recently broken up.

Danielle smiled at Tom and remarked that he was looking good.

Having broken the ice, Tom began blabbering about how much he missed Danielle. He suggested that they go some place and talk.

Danielle suggested the movie theater and Tom responded that you’re not supposed to talk in a theater. He countered by suggesting they to the diner out at the pier.

When they got their food and started eating, Danielle realized that this was much better idea then going to the movies.

At some point, Tom mentioned that he had just started working at the science lab.

Then Tom nearly choked when Danielle replied: “I know. I am your new boss.”

It was at that moment that Danielle noticed a weird looking man sitting at the next table.

During dinner they had made eye contact and as they were getting up to leave, the weird looking man also got up and walked towards Danielle.

As Tom walked away to go to the restroom, the weird looking man went up to Danielle and starting asking her something.

Sheriff Sawyer noticed the strange looking man, but he did not did realize that the man was the private eye from Angel City that he had hired a little over a week ago.

As Tom came out of the restroom, his grandfather gave him the high sign and pointed towards the weird looking man.

Tom went up to the man and told him to go away and leave Danielle alone.

The man asked Tom for a handout and it was at this moment that Tom briefly saw that the man had fangs like a vampire.

He told the man again to leave and threatened to have the Sheriff arrest him if he did not comply.

Danielle was impressed by the way that Tom handled the situation and she expressed it by saying: “Oooh-wee! Jebah-doo!”

The couple left the diner and took a taxi boat over to New Bridgeview Park.

Taking advantage of the fact that no one else was at the park, they began making out.

Danielle asked if they could go steady again. Tom said yes.

Tom then took things a step further and getting down on one knee, he asked Danielle if she would marry him. Danielle said yes.

Then they sat for a while and watched the stars.

As they were about to leave, Danielle and Tom both blurted out the question: “What are we waiting for?”

Tom and Danielle were married that very night and they moved into a tiny cottage on City beach right next door to the motel where they used to hang out.


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