The History of Twin Bayous – The Simchurian Candidate

Ever since Dobbs went to visit the Plantation Dutranoit, Carina started having reoccurring nightmares in which she was being chased by some invisible monster.

For a number of days, Dobbs has been acting very strange and Carina was on the verge of telling him to leave her house. Then one night, Dobbs suddenly got out of bed, he got dressed, and then he just stood in the bedroom like a statue until the sun came up.

At sunrise, he left Carina’s house and he drove her car out to Plantation Dutranoit.

As he approached the security gate it opened automatically for him.

He strolled up the walk way and to the front door.

At the front door he paused and without ringing the bell, he waited as the butler, Ariel, came and let him.

Ariel escorted Dobbs up the stairs to the second floor and told Dobbs to wait as Mistress Raquel would be with him shortly.

Raquel appeared and she asked Dobbs about his day.

At first Dobbs tried not to make eye contact with Raquel.

But Raquel made Dobbs think of her and he could no longer resist. She then told him that she had a job for him to do.

She then told him that there was first something else that she wanted him to do.

Dobbs blushed when he thought that he might know what it was that she had in mind.

They kissed in the hallway.

Then they went into the master bedroom, where Raquel slipped into something a little more comfortable.

Afterwards, Raquel telepathically gave Dobbs his instructions for the job that she wanted him to do.

Dobbs then strolled out of the mansion and went on his way to carry out the mission that Raquel had given him.

Meanwhile, at the Old Creole Townhouse, a few blocks from downtown Twin Bayous, there was a sense of celebration.

A momentous and blessed event had occurred.

Karen Ringwald had given birth to a baby boy. The first generation six heir had arrived.



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